HSEQ compliance is just the beginning.

We live and breathe safety

Safety isn’t just about hard hats and high-vis vests (although we do love a bit of fluoro). Safety starts before one worker has stepped foot on site, it’s in everything they touch and see and it stays long after they leave. It’s about transforming business culture, where everyone looks out for one another and understands what’s okay.

Here’s how we can help:

Implement or improve your HSEQ system for compliance

Protect your brand reputation

Discover productivity, efficiency, morale or financial gains

What we do

Compliance and auditing

Whether it’s areas of non-conformance or areas requiring improvement, we’ll help you find them and keep your operations compliant and flowing. Our most popular services:
  • Compliance audits – Review and establish compliance gaps, requirements and obligations, and identify improvement opportunities
  • ISO Certifications – Audit, implement and support maintenance of certifications
  • Develop and implement solutions / strategies to close compliance gaps
We also offer:
  • WHS audits
  • OHS management system audits
  • Worksite audits
  • Internal audits
  • ISO compliance audits
    • ISO 9001 – Quality Certification
    • ISO 14001 – Environmental Certification
    • ISO 45001 – OH&S Certification


We love the big picture. We also love the fine print. Strategy is the best of both worlds, where we’ll help you figure what needs to be done, how, why and when.


Our most popular services:

  • Safety strategy development, planning and review
  • Corporate governance development, reporting and compliance programs
  • Coach and mentor management staff

We also offer:

  • Safety improvement planning
  • Quality – Customer surveys preparation, implementation and analysis
  • Establishing and supporting OHS committees

Management Systems and Risk Management

Safety is all about checks and balances – having the right systems in place with procedures designed to make sure you follow through. We will make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row. Our most popular services:
  • Building, improving and maintaining Integrated Management Systems
  • Workplace-based risk assessments
  • Risk workshop facilitations
We also offer:
  • Safety management systems development, enhancement and implementation
  • Identification of Key Performance and Critical Risk Indicators
  • Development of monitoring programs and reporting systems
  • Establishing internal and external reporting process
  • Risk register development and review, and establishment of risk management control programs
  • Safety management system audit and performance review
  • Integration of OHS, Quality and Environmental systems
  • ISO compliance, quality and environmental system development (build to ISO standard)
  • Emergency preparedness procedures and evacuation diagrams
  • Traffic management plans
  • SWMS development
  • Incident response and investigation
  • Risk assessments, including:
    • Manual Handling Risk Assessments
    • Plant and Equipment Risk Assessments
    • Confined Space Risk Assessments
    • Chemical Risk Assessments

Tender documentation

Tendering for projects that require the inclusion of HSEQ documentations? We will streamline the tender process, professionally completing the HSEQ elements to put you in the top position.

Injury Management and Workers’ Compensation

We believe knowledge is power. We’ll share all of our knowledge and expertise and embed it in your business, be it through leadership mentoring, coaching or process enhancements. The more we can empower your people to make safety a part of everyday, the easier your job will be in the long term and the safer your business.

Whether it’s a response to an incident or managing return to work, we will help you identify your safety requirements.

Our most popular services:

  • Injury Management - Manage an individual employee to ensure best outcomes for their injury.
  • Return to Work Services - assist to return employee back to work.
  • Workers’ Compensation Management - manage, support or improve the management of an individual claim


We also provide resources like monthly Newsletters and Toolbox talks.

How we do it

Whatever your HSEQ compliance needs are, we’ve got your back. Choose from 3 simple service offerings.

Safety subscription

What is it?

We’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure your safety systems are ship shape. We can tailor a package to suit your needs, but this typically includes:
  • OHS Management system – we will build you a custom system with standard inclusions that are tailored to fit your business
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) – we’ll set up a full quality, safety and environment system and maintain it on an ongoing basis, keeping it up-to-date, relevant and meeting your needs
  • Safety Maintenance / Management
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Report incidents and injuries

Who needs it?

  • You want a tailored management system but need to spread the costs over a 6-12 month timeframe for cash flow or resourcing.
  • You want to be ISO certified.
  • You need resources to manage and maintain your management system (especially if you need this for ISO certification) such as risk assessment, emergency procedures, report incidents and injuries.

How will you benefit?

Get flexibility with certainty. Pay a set fee, and get a tailored system with standard inclusions and optional add-ons to meet the level of system for you business requirements.

Fee structure

We’ll quote a set price for the full system, with payment due in instalments linked to selected time frames / milestones outlined in your agreement. We will quote a set price for the ongoing maintenance and management of your Safety needs, with payment due in instalments linked to selected time frames outlined in your agreement.

In-house expert

Looking for someone a bit more hands on?


We can provide OHS manger / Co-ordinator services as an in-house secondment – remotely or on-site (location dependant).


We’ll agree to set hours per week with identified goals and tasks for the position. This can be varied by mutual agreement at any time, should business needs vary.


Who needs it?

  • You need substantial support but don’t have the resources for a full time employee.
  • You’re not looking to commit to a full time employee or permanent role.
  • You need to fill a gap in staffing, either to cover long term leave, maternity leave or while recruiting for a vacancy.


How will you benefit?

Get the experienced team member you need without the hassle of hiring an employee. Pay a set fee and avoid payroll and other employee expenses like leave, training or workers compensation.


Fee Structure

Contract us for a set period of time or pay by the hour. We offer discounts for longer contracts and more hours per week.


We can also join a project team as the safety specialist on the team.

Project consultant

If you have an immediate need for an HSEQ advisor or specific safety advice on a particular project, big or small, we’re available as a gun for hire.


And we say one off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come back to use us again and again as the need arises.


Who needs it?

  • You know you need support now but you’re not sure what support you’ll need in the future.
  • You need a specialist for a particular project.
  • You have a one off need for safety advice.
  • Not sure where to start - one off assessment to guide you.

How will you benefit?

Get exactly what you want with a fully customised scope to meet your individual requirements.


Fee structure

We’ll quote for the project as either an hourly rate or set fee for project depending upon the job (negotiated with you upfront, of course).


You’ll pay per project as per agreed scope of works: can range from small to large and complex to meet very specific client requirements.